Welcome, Spring

Welcome, Spring

Spring has come, let’s look to the future with optimism and make room for colour!

The 2022 furnishing trends always involve intense and decisive colours.

Blue, red and shades of green are this year’s must-haves, combined with neutral tones typical of an essential and minimal style.

Bright colours, which have already inflamed the fashion catwalks in the Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection, are also proposed in the furnishings, through unusual and contrasting combinations.

Olive Green: big news in 2022

The great use of this colour for the 2022 meets the need for orientation on natural materials of furniture interior of 2022, being able to beautifully match the textures that they feature. It will be used in modern but relaxing environments.

Red and Yellow Ochre: the bold colours

2022 will also leave plenty of room for red, which will find its maximum shape of expression in the combination with white and in a glossy finish. Equally warm and enveloping, yellow ochre will be a great presence, especially for walls.

And if you are wondering how to match the furniture to this colour, the answer is simple: just focus on the contrast with a dark and cold tone, such as forest green, or opt for a “soft” solution, with a more neutral pale grey.

Blue: news and legacy of 2021

In 2021, blue, in its navy shade, was particularly used. But then what about 2022? Do we look to the past? The answer is yes, but also no. Blue, never goes out of fashion. It goes with classic contexts, but also in the more modern and contemporary. This year, for example, it will be combined with gold.

Pink: and all its shades

Next to the deep and decisive colours like those just seen, you will often find in the furniture of 2022, pink, from its lightest to its darkest shades. It will also find ample space for details and decorations, as well as fabrics, being a particularly nuanced strong and decisive.

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