The frontier of well-being

The frontier of well-being

Vapomist 2 and Igloo: a fusion of science, design and sustainability. The present and the future of treatments in your salon.

Going to the hairdresser has become a gesture not only aesthetic but also of well-being and relaxation. For some years now, the salon can be considered a real wellness centre, where you can relax and treat your hair and scalp to specific treatments that improve health and consequently beauty. From this perspective of combining cosmetic care with healthy treatments, the “Steam System” was born, a real SPA for hair and scalp. The wash unit with steam treatment allows you to take a sauna with hot steam to the head, bringing to the hair and scalp all the benefits of hot steam, also allowing the client to relax, thanks to the reclining massage chair.

The hot steam treatment can be carried out with or without the addition of specific cosmetic products, chosen according to the customer’s needs. The effect of various active ingredients and their penetration into the hair and scalp is in this case favoured and enhanced by both the massage and the hot steam.

“Standard” procedure of use of the wash unit with steam treatment

1. Wash hair with shampoo as normal.

2. Apply a mask to wet hair to start treatment.

3. Insertion of essences/positioning igloo.

4. Activation of hot steam to increase product absorption in the hair (duration max. 10 min.), possibly combined with a massage.

5. Rapid cold steam treatment of nebulised water (max. duration 50/60 sec.).

6. Final rinse.

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